Review – When I Ran Away

Author: Ilona Bannister
Release date: Expected 30th March 2021
Publisher: Doubleday Books
Blog Tour: John Murrays

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Please don’t let me three star rating put you off reading this book. In my opinion, three stars is still a very good rating and this book is definitely worth the read. The only reason I rated it at three and not higher is purely down to personal preference when reading- I prefer more drama and action when reading and this was, although very important, quite slow.

This book is an incredibly insightful books for mothers that accurately describes what motherhood can be like. It’s not all baby snoozles and play dates – it’s lonely, challenging and you can often feel like you’ve lost yourself. This book describes all of that. It could be a difficult read for a Mother who is suffering from PND but it is relatable for all mothers…. and many parents as well.

This book switches between a present day, where mother Gigi has escaped her normal day to day life, and events in the past that have led to this moment – meeting her husband, having her children, moving from NYC to the UK.

Very easy reading and I highly recommend it.

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