Mini Readers Monday – Week 3

Monday again! How are we all feeling about the start of another week.. another week closer to normality? Monday here marks not only MiniReadersMonday, the # created by @honestmamreader but it is also International Women’s Day so I thought it was appropriate to choose a book by a female author as our Mini Reader Monday feature.

Avocado Asks by Momoko Abe is without a doubt THE favourite children’s book in our house. We were gifted this by Tandem Collective in March 2020 and we’ve read it pretty much everyday since. A few gaps but mainly everyday. Momoko Abe is an illustrator from Japan who has produced, such a good book.

Avocado wants know is he a fruit or vegetable? A fish or a cheese? He travels around the supermarket trying to work out where he belongs… until he comes across his ‘amigo’ Tomato who tells him, it doesn’t matter who he is because of all the great things he can become.

Not only is it a great book for children to learn about different fruits and vegetables but it’s also an important read about being comfortable in your own skin. I think it’s written in a way that keeps this meaning a bit understated so it’s not a glaringly obvious preachy children’s book and keeps with the storytelling theme that our youngest generation enjoy the most.

The illustrations (done by Momoko Abe) are wonderful and not too bright and ‘modern’ as I am currently finding a lot of children’s books to be – they’re very classic looking whilst still being colourful enough to keep a childs attention.

Isaacs says that his favourite bit about Avocado Asks is Tomato and how funny he is (that is also down to his Dads voice impressions!!).

This is definitely one I’d recommend putting on your little ones wish lists.

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