Review – Letters On Motherhood

Author: Giovanna Fletcher
Release Date: 20th February 2020
Publisher: Michael J Books

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I picked this book up on Sunday, Mothers Day and it was the perfect read, not only because it was Mothers Day but also because parenting has been SO hard these last few weeks so it felt so nice to be reading something real.

Giovanna’s letters in this book are so relatable – there’s no sugar coating the hard situations or the rough days. She’s writes to her children, her husband, her parents and her body and there wasn’t a single letter that I didn’t enjoy. I genuinely think I’ve learnt an important lesson from this book – not to be so hard on myself. I’m doing ok.

I read this book in just a matter of hours because once I started, I just couldn’t put it down. I wanted to see what else Giovanna has been through as a mother, to see if she has the same fears as I do – nobody really wants their kids to grow up and leave do they? Maybe on the bad days!!

This is a definitely a book that will help mothers through tough times and resonate with mothers who aren’t as well. Our children are so precious and it’s so easy to get caught up in day to day life and they’ve grown a little more while we weren’t looking. Giovanna reminds you of all these little things as you read her letters.

I am so glad I have finally read this book and I wish I had written letters to my son before.

‘If you feel like you have nothing, know that I am always your something. Know that you are always my everything.’

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