The Road Trip by Beth O’Leary 🚗

If someone was to ask me what the perfect light hearted read is to lift your spirits on a cold and miserable weekend… this is probably the book I’d choose (at present 😉)! Cold and damp weekends need to be cosy and warm and something about a little romance ‘chick lit’ book equals the perfect cosiness levels for me. So as I knew this weekend was going to be a washout (quite literally ⛈) I picked up this one and snuggled up under a blanket.

Following Addie, Dylan, Marcus, Debs & Rodney as they take a road trip up to Scotland for a friends wedding we skip between the then and now of Addie & Dylan’s relationship and how at some point they all became intertwined and unravelled. The relationships are complex and yet so simple – some love each other, some hate each other and some don’t even know each other but what will they all be like once they finally make it to Scotland?

It does have some heavy themes which shouldn’t be taken likely (alcoholism, depression) but overall it is a light and easy reading book that you could fly through. I found all the characters to be quite likeable even when they weren’t supposed to be and I really like the way it flicked from Then & Now – if it had been written in a different style I doubt I’d have enjoyed it as much.

The Then and Now perspectives not only broke up the car journey (who likes a long car journey, let alone reading about one!) but it felt like it a different story which I really enjoyed.. although the banter and situations that take place on the car journey is really well written.

I think I preferred The Flatshare to this one in the end just because even from the blurb you knew how this was going to end but I definitely enjoy O’Leary’s style of writing and look forward to now going back at a step and picking up The Switch.

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